So… Benedict Cumberbach asked me (yeah really) to tell all of my followers thank you for the gift, (which was a Porto wine bottle) and he also said ‘Tell them to download The Fifth Estate on iTunes’.
The man knows how to promote stuff.

So you know what to do. Oh and if you are a follower I did tell him hello from all of you and you can reblog or like this post for a chance to win the above signed label :)

*still deaded*

Just some notes: giveaway closes on 28/02/14, this is supposed to be for followers, but you don’t have to follow to be a fan of Benedict so there is no need to be following me to have a chance to win, I’ll notify the winner via ask box, if I don’t get a reply within a reasonable amount of time, I’ll chose someone else, I’ll mail it anywhere… 

This was supposed to end today, but there are so many notes I think it’s only fair to add some goodies. So:

1st: the label

2nd: Cabin Pressure Series 3 CDs

3rd: STID blu-ray (UK)

4th: The Times Magazine - Moran interview

5th: Shortlist Magazine - Khan cover

I’ll give you until 8/03/14 to reblog/like.

S1: Sherlock is a dick

S2 : Sherlock is a genius

S3: Sherlock is an overgrown five year old who has a lot of feelings and no idea how to handle them so he makes origami napkins

I’m too tired, I’m so very tired
and I’m feeling very sick and ill today
but I’m still fond of you.